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Event API

Icon-information-22x22Note that this page is automatically generated; editing it is pointless. To edit event descriptions, edit the entries in the alphabetical pages, e.g. Events/A, Events/B, etc. Changes there will be copied over to here within a few hours.

Mail related events

Category: Mail

Category: Mail

Fired when the mailbox window is closed.

Category: Mail

Category: Mail

This event is fired when the inbox changes in any way, including

  • when the inbox list is loaded while the frame is open
  • when a mail item changes from new to read
  • when a mail item is opened for the first time in a session
the mouse button clicked when opening a mail item; otherwise arg1 is nil.
always false

Category: Mail

Fired when you send an item that needs a confirmation (e.g. heirlooms that are still refundable)

Mail Slot

Category: Mail

Fired when an item is dragged to or from the Send Item box in an outgoing mail message.

Category: Mail


Category: Mail

Fires when the mail confirmation is cancelled and the concerned item(s) need to be unlocked

Category: Mail

Fired when a mail has been successfully sent to the mailbox of the recipient, it is also called when the mailbox is opened for some reason ... bug?

Category: Mail

Fired when the mailbox is first opened.

returns "up"

Category: Mail

Category: Mail

Category: Mail

Fired when the player enters the world and enters/leaves an instance, if there is mail in the player's mailbox.

Fired when new mail is received.

Fired when mailbox window is closed if the number of mail items in the inbox changed (I.E. you deleted mail)

Does not appear to trigger when auction outbid mail is received... may not in other cases as well

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