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Event API

Icon-information-22x22Note that this page is automatically generated; editing it is pointless. To edit event descriptions, edit the entries in the alphabetical pages, e.g. Events/A, Events/B, etc. Changes there will be copied over to here within a few hours.

Buff related events

Category: Buff

11/8/2008 This was removed with 3.02. Use UNIT_AURA instead.

Called when a buff or debuff is either applied to a unit or is removed from the player. (Further details to follow, study needed).

Also fired when you start eating and/or drinking (which really is only a buff being applied like any other).

This event is also called when a Druid changes form (or prowl state). arg1 - arg9 are all nil in this case. These args are probably nil for other classes as well. Also, this event is called multiple times per form change.

Category: Unit Info,Buff

Fired when a buff, debuff, status, or item bonus was gained by or faded from an entity (player, pet, NPC, or mob.)

the UnitID of the entity

1-28-06: This event IS NOT fired when changing targets any longer.

Category: Buff

Fired when the current form changes.

Category: Buff

Fired when the available set of forms changes (i.e. on skill gain)

Category: Buff

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