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Event API

Icon-information-22x22Note that this page is automatically generated; editing it is pointless. To edit event descriptions, edit the entries in the alphabetical pages, e.g. Events/A, Events/B, etc. Changes there will be copied over to here within a few hours.

Arena related events

Category: Arena

Category: Arena

This event fires whenever an arena team is opened in the character sheet. It also fires (3 times) when an arena member leaves, joins, or gets kicked. It does NOT fire when an arena team member logs in or out.

Category: Arena

This does NOT fire when an arena member joins the team, leaves, gets kicked, logs in/out. Still unsure when this actually fires.

Category: Arena


Category: Arena


Category: Arena,Guild

Fired when a petition is closed, e.g. by you signing it. See PETITION_SHOW.

Category: Arena,Guild

Fired when you are shown a petition to create a guild or arena team. This can be due to someone offering you to sign it, or because of you clicking your own charter in your inventory. GetPetitionInfo() will tell you more.

Category: Arena,Guild

Category: Arena,Guild

Category: Arena,Guild

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