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The Eventide

The Eventide is a district of southern Dalaran. It is also the location of the Dalaran Merchants' Bank and fountain, the latter which contains lucky coins thrown into the fountain by some of Azeroth's more influental figures.

Transmitter to the Titans?

Reply-Code Alpha

Reply-Code Alpha being transmitted from the Eventide

Upon defeating Algalon the Observer in Ulduar and bringing Spell arcane arcanetorrent [Reply-Code Alpha] to Rhonin in the Violet Citadel, the floating sculpture in the Eventide is used to transmit the code - signalling that all is well on Azeroth - to the Titans.

List of lucky copper coins

List of lucky silver coins

List of lucky gold coins


Any gold coin can be thrown back into the fountain by right-clicking on it. This gives a two-minute buff, Lucky, which will double the chance of fishing up another coin.

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