Etu Ragetotem is a level 30 mace & staff vendor located on the High Rise in the tauren city of Thunder Bluff.

Sells Edit

Name Level Type  %
Inv mace 01 [Flail] 25 Weapon 100.0
Inv mace 02 [Giant Mace] 15 Weapon 100.0
Inv staff 10 [Gnarled Staff] 20 Weapon 100.0
Inv hammer 15 [Hammer] 21 Weapon 100.0
Inv staff 20 [Long Staff] 25 Weapon 100.0
Inv mace 15 [Mace] 14 Weapon 100.0
Inv hammer 07 [Maul] 26 Weapon 100.0
Inv staff 17 [Quarter Staff] 16 Weapon 100.0
Inv hammer 09 [Rock Hammer] 21 Weapon 100.0

See List of Thunder Bluff NPCs.

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