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Neutral 32Eonar the Lifebinder
Gender Female
Race(s) Vanir Titan
Character class Healer, Druid, Druid of the Wild (RPG)
Affiliation The Pantheon
Position Queen of the Titans, Patroness of Life
Location Unknown
Status Active
Relative(s) Aman'Thul (Consort), Golganneth (Son)
Alignment Lawful neutral
Eonar On Throne

Eonar On Throne

This enormous, bronze-skinned woman has a gentle expression at odds with her obvious physical and magical strength. She carries a crooked, alabaster staff, and flowers blossom at her feet.[1] (S&L 115)

Eonar the Lifebinder is a female, bronze-skinned vanir titan. She carries an alabaster staff and flowers blossom at her feet. She is the protector of life, nature and healing in the universe and consort of Aman'Thul the Highfather.

Eonar abhors Undead, as she represents the embodiment of life. Among her casting are mass heal among other similar spells. She prefers to keep distance from battle, and is more of a supportive role to her allies in the Pantheon. When enraged and forced to battle though, she is fearsome. She will do anything to confuse and spread her enemies, before engaging in combat.


Eonar had a long, bitter feud with Aman'Thul's brother Sargeras before the latter's fall from grace; her presence and personal strength exacerbated the conflict between Aman'Thul and his dark brother.

Eonar's portfolio includes nature, healing, life and, as she is a member of the Pantheon, creation and order. Dwarves and others who respect the titans revere Eonar, if they know of her. Azeroth's red dragons pay her special homage; they honor her memory by constantly battling chaos and destruction.

Approximately 64,000 years before the First War, Eonar gave a portion of her spirit to Alexstrasza so that she could protect life and another portion to Ysera so that she could protect nature and safeguard the Emerald Dream.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Some aspects of Eonar's character and powers appear to be based upon the Greek goddess Demeter, the sister of Zeus who presided over agriculture and the harvest. As with Elune and the Earthmother, such an association would class Eonar as a "Great Goddess" figure.

Some have theorized that Eonar is in fact the same being as the Tauren Earthmother. Both are mother figures of immense power and are described as loathing the undead. Additionally, Vanir means Earth giant in the Titan's language. Interestingly, "Demeter", upon whom Eonar might be based, can be literally translated as "earth-mother", though this could simply be a coincidence.

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