Enslaved Infernos are elementals forced into servitude by the Twilight's Hammer clan at the southern section of the Twilight Citadel[37, 75] and within Cannon's Inferno[41, 79] in the Twilight Highlands. Once "slain" by players, they are freed and only too happy to attack the nearest cult-friendly mob; they will also provide players with a short-term buff (see below).

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Item Source Use
Inv misc volatilefire [Volatile Fire] Drop All primary production professions except for IconSmall Enchanting [Enchanting]

Enslaved Infernos have one of the highest drop rates for Volatile Fire (instances aside). This is a very common ingredient in cataclysm-level crafting recipes and it is therefore common to see more than one player at a time farming these mobs.


Once freed by killing, Infernos will grant players the following 15 minute buff when killed:

  • Spell fire elemental totem  [Inferno's Invocation]ω ϖ—Increase all damage done by 5%. Lasts 15 min. May only be used within the Twilight Highlands.

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