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Shared Type Slot
Inv belt plate dungeonplate c 06 [Girdle of Lost Heroes] Plate Waist
Inv mace 1h 430future c 01 [Dragonshrine Scepter] Mace One-Hand
Inv gauntlets leather dungeonleather c 05 [Gloves of the Hollow] Leather Hands
Inv helmet mail dungeonmail c 05 [Echoing Headguard] Mail Head
Inv belt plate dungeonplate c 06 [Waistguard of Lost Time] Plate Waist
Inv boots chain 07 [Dead End Boots] Mail Feet
Inv belt leather dungeonleather c 05 [Cord of Lost Hope] Leather Waist
Inv pants robe dungeonrobe c 05 [Time Traveler's Leggings] Cloth Legs
Inv chest plate dungeonplate c 06 [Breastplate of Sorrow] Plate Chest
Inv glove plate dungeonplate c 06 [Gauntlets of Temporal Interference] Plate Hands
Echo of Baine Type Slot
Inv pants plate dungeonplate c 06 [Bloodhoof Legguards] Plate Legs
Inv axe 2h 430future c 01 [Axe of the Tauren Chieftains] Axe Two-Hand
Echo of Jaina Type Slot
Inv shield 430future c 01 [Ward of Incantations] Shield Off Hand
Inv stave 2h 430future c 01 [Jaina's Staff] Staff Two-Hand
Echo of Sylvanas Type Slot
Inv cape 430dungeon c 04 [Cloak of the Banshee Queen] Cloth Back
Bow 1h 430future c 01 [Windrunner's Bow] Bow Ranged
Echo of Tyrande Type Slot
Inv chest robe dungeonrobe c 05 [Whisperwind Robes] Cloth Chest
Inv axe 1h 430nightelf c 02 [Crescent Moon] Axe One-Hand
Murozond Type Slot
Inv knife 1h 430future c 01 [Jagged Edge of Time] Dagger One-Hand
Inv helmet leather dungeonleather c 05 [Timeway Headgear] Leather Head
Inv chest leather dungeonleather c 05 [Time Twisted Tunic] Leather Chest
Inv shoulder robe dungeonrobe c 05 [Mantle of Time] Cloth Shoulder
Inv chest robe dungeonrobe c 05 [Robes of Fate] Cloth Chest
Inv shoulder plate dungeonplate c 06 [Temporal Pauldrons] Plate Shoulder
Inv helm plate dungeonplate c 06 [Crown of Epochs] Plate Head
Inv boots plate dungeonplate c 06 [Chrono Boots] Plate Feet
Inv chest plate dungeonplate c 06 [Breastplate of Tarnished Bronze] Plate Chest
Inv ammo arrow 06 [Arrow of Time] Trinket Trinket
Inv pants plate dungeonplate c 06 [Time Altered Legguards] Plate Legs
Inv pants mail dungeonmail c 05 [Distortion Greaves] Mail Legs

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