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Faction Reputation Item Cost Skill Type
Alliance 15 Alliance/Horde 15 Horde Alliance 15 [Magic Lamp] 20 Inv enchant dust 525 Companion
Horde 15 [Enchanted Lantern] 20 Inv enchant dust 525 Companion
Argent Dawn Honored [Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration] 3Gold 290 Enchant
Revered [Enchant Bracer - Healing Power] 6Gold 300 Enchant
Cenarion Circle Friendly [Enchant Cloak - Greater Fire Resistance] 10Gold 300 Enchant
Honored [Enchant Cloak - Greater Nature Resistance] 10Gold 300 Enchant
Cenarion Expedition Revered [Enchant Gloves - Spell Strike] 8Gold 360 Enchant
Exalted [Enchant Cloak - Stealth] 10Gold 300 Enchant¹
Consortium Friendly [Enchant Cloak - Spell Penetration] 4Gold 325 Enchant
Honored [Enchant Weapon - Major Striking] 6Gold 340 Enchant
Revered [Enchant Ring - Weapon Might] 10Gold 360 Enchant*
Alliance 15Honor Hold
Horde 15Thrallmar
Friendly [Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing] 6Gold 325 Enchant
Revered [Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats] 6Gold 345 Enchant
Exalted [Enchant Cloak - Subtlety] 10Gold 300 Enchant¹
Keepers of Time Honored [Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower] 8Gold 360 Enchant
Honored [Enchant Ring - Spellpower] 10Gold 360 Enchant*
Exalted [Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility] 10Gold 300 Enchant¹
Lower City Honored [Enchant Ring - Stats] 20Gold 375 Enchant*
Exalted [Enchant Cloak - Dodge] 10Gold 300 Enchant¹
Sha'tar Honored [Enchant Gloves - Major Healing] 6Gold 350 Enchant
Revered [Enchant Weapon - Major Healing] 6Gold 350 Enchant
Revered [Enchant Ring - Healing Power] 10Gold 370 Enchant*
Exalted [Enchant Gloves - Threat] 10Gold 300 Enchant¹
Shattered Sun Offensive Honored [Void Shatter] 15Gold 375 Enchant
Honored [Enchant Chest - Defense] 15Gold 360 Enchant
Thorium Brotherhood Friendly [Enchant Weapon - Strength] 3Gold 290 Enchant
Honored [Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spirit] 8Gold 300 Enchant
Revered [Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect] 10Gold 300 Enchant
Timbermaw Hold Friendly [Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility] 2Gold 50Silver 290 Enchant
Honored [Enchant Weapon - Agility] 2Gold 70Silver 290 Enchant
Violet Eye Exalted [Enchant Weapon - Greater Agility] 3Gold 75Silver 350 Enchant
Zandalar Tribe Friendly [Brilliant Mana Oil] 4Gold 300 Consumable
Honored [Brilliant Wizard Oil] 4Gold 300 Consumable

* The act of enchanting a ring will bind that ring to the enchanter.
† This formula is sold, not by the Consortium Quartermaster, but [70+] Ythyar: an NPC just before the Chess Event of Karazhan.
¹ These formulas, formerly found in AQ40, were added to reputation vendors in Patch 2.2.

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