Enchant Weapon - Icy Chill

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Spell holy greaterheal

Permanently enchant a melee weapon to often chill the target reducing their movement and attack speed. Has a reduced effect for players above level 60.

Enchanting Level Required: 285


Inv enchant shardbrilliantsmall
4x [Small Brilliant Shard]
Spell nature acid 01
1x [Essence of Water]
Spell nature earthbind
1x [Essence of Air]
Inv misc herb icecap
1x [Icecap]

Tools Edit

Inv staff 11 [Runed Truesilver Rod]

Source Edit

Icon-stub-22x22 The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.
Inv misc note 01 [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Icy Chill] was dropped by the Anguished Highborne in Winterspring.

Notes Edit

  • Can apply a frost debuff on a melee hit that causes target's movement slowed by 30% and time between attacks increased by 25% for 5 sec. The weapon enchanted will glow a bright bluish white.
  • It is unclear if the proc is a PPM (best on a slow weapon) or a chance on hit (best on fast weapon). Switching a weapon enchanted with Icy between main hand and offhand does not seem to affect proc rate. This implies that it cannot proc off of instant attacks (like Battlemaster). The proc rate is significantly less than Fiery.
  • Enchanters may still have this enchant, but the recipe item was removed from the game sometime after Patch 5.4.0.

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