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This item is a quest reward from the Shaman Sunken Temple quest, Neutral 15 [52D] Da Voodooω τ ϖ.

Functionality Edit

This is considered to be the best reward of the three quests, as the totem trinket remains useful long after the armor and weapon rewards are outmoded. The Enamored Water Spirit acts as a lesser version of Mana Tide Totem, without requiring the heavy investment in the Restoration tree.


  • Must be within 20yd radius of the totem.
  • The totem of any rank has only 5 hp; it is easily destroyed by mobs and players.
  • The totem requires a trinket slot to use, and like all trinkets, cannot be equipped in combat.
  • Like all items with a use, Enamored Water Spirit requires 30 seconds after equipping in order to be used.
  • Enamored Water Spirit shares the Water element; it replaces and is replaced by other water totems.

Rank TableEdit

Rank Level Type Mana Cost Description Cost
1 50 Restoration 0 Summons a totem that restores 27 mana every 2 seconds for 24 seconds. Quest Reward


Talents that can improve the totem: None


  • Enamored Water Spirit costs no mana to cast, and therefore does not trip the 5 second rule.

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