Captain Emmy Malin is an NPC in Dragonblight that is in charge of a Ley Line Focus. Captain Malin was captured by the armies of Malygos and forced to work for them under threat that her family would be harmed. She is ashamed of what she has done, and is actively sabotaging their operations.

She drops a ring required for the quest Neutral 15 [71] The Focus on the Beach.

It is unknown how she came to be in Northrend, or the circumstances surrounding her capture.

A Letter for Home Edit

She drops a letter that starts the quest Alliance 15 [72] A Letter for Home (Alliance) describing her predicament. When the letter is delivered by the player to Commander Saia Azuresteel, it is then forwarded to her Father, Archmage Malin. The player will receive a reply through the in-game mail system sometime later.

Quotes Edit

On aggro
Captain Emmy Malin says: Keep them away from the focus!
On death
Captain Emmy Malin says: I'm sorry... daddy...

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