Embrace of the Viper is a non-class specific set. The pieces and the set itself offer a wide variety of stats, thus making them great for hybrids like Druids or Shamans. For any class, think about the stats it gives out.


ItemBindDropped byFound in
[Gloves of the Fang]BoETrash mobsWailing Caverns
[Belt of the Fang]BoPLady AnacondraWailing Caverns
[Footpads of the Fang]BoPLord SerpentisWailing Caverns
[Leggings of the Fang]BoPLord CobrahnWailing Caverns
[Armor of the Fang]BoPLord PythasWailing Caverns


Tauren Viper
NE Viper


Embrace of the Viper
Inv belt 30
Inv boots 04
Inv gauntlets 18
Inv pants 11
Inv shirt 16

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