Emblems are a token type of currency that is rewarded from defeating bosses in heroic or raid dungeons in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

The current emblems are:

  • [Emblem of Frost] (3.3) - Level 80 (Tier 10) raids. Two from the first random heroic done each day. Five from the weekly raid. Six from the non-repeatable Frozen Halls quest chain.
  • [Emblem of Triumph] - Level 80 heroics (as well as Frozen Halls regular instances) and Tier 7/8/9 raids. Two from the second and subsequent random heroic runs each day, and two from the first random regular daily dungeon. Five from the weekly random raid quest. Can also be downgraded from Frost.
  • [Emblem of Conquest] - (deprecated) Can only be obtained by downgrading Triumph or Frost
  • [Emblem of Valor] - (deprecated) Can only be obtained by downgrading Conquest , Triumph or Frost.
  • [Emblem of Heroism] - (deprecated) Can only be obtained by downgrading Valor, Conquest, Triumph or Frost.


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