Elissa Dumas

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AllianceNPC 32Elissa Dumas
Elissa Dumas
Title <Portal Trainer>
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 35
Affiliation Darnassus
Location Darnassus[40.6, 82.1]
Relative(s) Torgal (cousin)
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Elissa Dumas is a level 35 portal trainer located on the first floor of the The Temple of the Moon in the night elf city of Darnassus.

You need to be at least level 30 to learn the Teleport Spell to Darnassus.

You need to be at least level 50 to learn the Portal Spell to Darnassus.

She is likely related to Maginor Dumas. A cousin of hers named Torgal died during Arthas's attack on Icecrown.

See List of Darnassus NPCs.

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