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Elemental conglomerates are creatures from the Elemental Plane, a location that encompass all four elemental forces in a single area. Because of this the plane's creatures have adapted to more than one region by taking on the aspects of one or more such areas. Each kind shares two or more aspects of the basic elemental types.[1]

  • If a creature shares two elemental aspects they are known as "dual elemental"-type.
  • If a creature shares three elemental aspects it is known as a "triumvirate elemental"-type.
  • If a creature shares all four elemental aspects it is known as a "complete" or "primal elemental"-type.[2]

True elemental conglomerate typesEdit

The following are True elemental conglomerate types[2]:

Dual elementalsEdit

Triumvirate elementalsEdit

Complete elementalEdit

Notable conglomerate elementalsEdit

References Edit

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