Elemental Precision

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For the Mage talent previously called Elemental Precision, see Precision (mage talent).
Elemental Precision
Spell nature elementalprecision 1
  • Increases your chance to hit with Fire, Frost and Nature spells by X% and reduces the threat caused by Fire, Frost and Nature spells by Y%.
Usable by
LocationElemental, Tier 5
AffectsFire/Frost/Nature spells
Points required25
Spec specificYes

Elemental Precision is a PvE oriented Shaman talent that increases the chance to hit with offensive spells by up to 3% and reduces the threat that those spells generate by up to 30%.

Rank table

Rank Increased chance to hit Threat reduction
1 1% 10%
2 2% 20%
3 3% 30%


This talent is critical to the build of an Elemental Shaman for endgame PvE raiding. Shaman have no threat reducing abilities such as Mage's Invisibility or Warlock's Soulshatter and are therefore at the greatest risk in threat sensitive encounters. In addition, this provides increased hit chance, allowing the shaman to acquire more gear with other offensive stats increasing overall DPS output.

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