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Element 115

Element 115 is found within bottles inside a Venture Company ship at Venture Bay.

Element 115 as a quest objective Edit

This item is an objective of the following quests:

It is also 'the fuel' for the quests:


It seems that the name Element 115 might be a reference to the hypothetical 'real' element 115 called Ununpentium. This element was according to Bob Lazar the reason that UFOs were able to fly. Along with the name the flavour text "Becomes unstable upon exposure to the atmosphere" seems to confirm this as Bob Lazar explained the inability of scientists to make a stable version of element 115 was due to earth's atmosphere being different from that of the home planet of the UFOs

See also Bubb Lazarr, a goblin NPC in what might be a space suit, near the goblin submarine in Venture Bay.


  • The Druid Aquatic Form is not affected by the debuff. In addition Glyph of Aquatic Form also still provides it effect. This appears to be a bug based on the item description.
  • Collecting this item does not flag you for PvP.
  • This item blocks stealth effects.
  • It seems that leaving the Grizzly Hills area may immediately makes this item disappear (i.e. Don't swim into the Frozen Sea while carrying it).

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