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A special WoW resource texture type used to help render border on frames.

Edge files are used for rendering frame borders, and are specified with the edgeFile attribute of a <Backdrop> tag, or the edgeFile element of a backdrop specification table.

An edge file is just a normal WoW texture image file (obeying the normal WoW file size rules), which will then be split horizontally by the UI engine into 8 equally sized slices (The actual file dimensions shouldn't matter as long as the width is a multiple of 8).

The slices are placed as follows (going from left to right)

  • Left edge
  • Right edge
  • Top edge (Rotated 90 degrees Counterclockwise)
  • Bottom edge (Rotated 90 degrees Counterclockwise)
  • Top Left corner
  • Top Right corner
  • Bottom Left corner
  • Bottom Right corner

The frame border is then made by repeating the edge images in between the four corner images.

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