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Eversong WoodsGhostlandsEastern PlaguelandsWestern PlaguelandsTirisfal GladesGilneasSilverpine ForestAlterac MountainsHillsbrad FoothillsHinterlandsArathi HighlandsWetlandsLoch ModanDun MoroghSearing GorgeBadlandsBurning SteppesRedridge MountainsElwynn ForestWestfallDuskwoodDeadwind PassSwamp of SorrowsBlasted LandsStranglethorn ValeIsle of Quel'DanasNorthern LordaeronEast of Burning SteppesDeathwing ScarTwilight HighlandsMap-of-easternkingdoms
About this image

Interactive map of the Eastern Kingdoms. Click a zone to be taken to its page.

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