Witch Doctor Mau'ari used to collect E'ko, and give various buffs in exchange for them. Since the Cataclysm-Logo-Small Cataclysm, these rarely drop. They can't be turned in or vendored. They are auctionable for those with no scruples who want to sell worthless items to the unwitting, though. The buffs are now applied randomly when killing the relevant mobs. Obtaining one of each buff completes the E'ko Madness achievement.

E'ko buffs and mob sources Edit

Info from "Ek'o Madness" comments at Wowhead.
  • [Juju Frenzy] - from any Winterfall Furbolg in Winterspring (68,50 East of Everlook).
  • [Juju Mending] - from Shard Tooth Maulers (Brown Bear) (59,40 around Moon Horror Den).
  • [Juju Fury] - from Shy-Rotam (Frostsaber Cat) (47,19 Frostsaber Cave).
  • [Juju Chill] - from Icewhomp (Yetis) inside the Cave (67,54 South East of Everlook).
  • [Juju Instinct] - from Owl Beasts (64,28 Hidden Cave).
  • [Juju Brawn] - from Frostmaul Giants (65,69 near Frostwhisper Gorge).
  • [Juju Freeze] - from Chilled Chimera (56,28 Approx).

Old types of E'ko Edit

For historical purposes only.

Quest E'ko Type Need to Defeat Buffing Item
Chillwind E'ko Inv stone 01 [Chillwind E'ko] Chillwind Chimaeras Inv misc monsterscales 09 [Juju Chill]
Frostmaul E'ko Inv stone 01 [Frostmaul E'ko] Frostmaul Giants Inv misc monsterscales 07 [Juju Might]
Frostsaber E'ko Inv stone 01 [Frostsaber E'ko] Frostsaber Cats Inv misc monsterscales 17 [Juju Flurry]
Ice Thistle E'ko Inv stone 01 [Ice Thistle E'ko] Ice Thistle Yetis Inv misc monsterscales 17 [Juju Escape]
Shardtooth E'ko Inv stone 01 [Shardtooth E'ko] Shardtooth Bears Inv misc monsterscales 15 [Juju Ember]
Wildkin E'ko Inv stone 01 [Wildkin E'ko] Winterspring Owlbeasts Inv misc monsterscales 13 [Juju Guile]
Winterfall E'ko Inv stone 01 [Winterfall E'ko] Winterfall Furbolgs Inv misc monsterscales 11 [Juju Power]

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