Dun Niffelem

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Dun Niffelem

Dun Niffelem

Dun Niffelem dominates the eastern portions of the southern foothills of Storm Peaks. Inhabited by the Sons of Hodir, it is the eastern end of the Valley of Ancient Winters, below and to the southeast of Brann's Base-Camp, and to the west of Frostfield Lake.


The name is most likely related to Niflheim, the primordial realm of cold from Norse mythology, in line with a lot of the other Norse-style names in the zone. After the creation of the world, Nifleheim became somewhat akin to the underworld - the final resting place of those who did not die a heroic death.

NPCs Edit

Quest givers
  • Lillehoff <The Sons of Hodir Quartermaster>
  • Calder <Blacksmithing Supplies>
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