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Mage Francis (also known as Frank) is a Human Mage who first appeared in the third episode of Dude, Where's My Mount?. He had a major role in episode 3 and 4, but soon had very minor roles. He now has his own spin off show named Frank & Beans, to whom he travels the world with his friend, Beans. He is voiced by Chris Frommlet.

Plot OverviewEdit

Mage is a Human Mage who first met Phil and Dave in Redridge Mountains. He realised they were on no quests, had no goals or anything. So he decided to enter their lives and change all that, by selling them a fake map. Once he did, he tried at all costs to avoid them both, in case he gets himself into trouble. Now, he stars in Frank & Beans, a show in which he travels the world with his friend Beanificus Darklighticus III, also known as Beans, and telling Beans his own way on how he see's most things, plus other things too.

Dude, Where's My Mount? AppearancesEdit

Episode ThreeEdit

Francis first appeared at the near end of the episode, when he saw Phil and Dave running from their lives from rampaging murlocs. He introduces himself as many things, but most importantly Mage Francis.

Episode FourEdit

After a flirt them them both, he realises they have no goals in life, are on no quests, are not after anything rare; they are just cruisin' and brusin'. Thats where Francis steps in, and sells a "safe map" to Ironforge for 500 gold. After he sells them the map, he portals away to Ironforge, but from a distance, shoots an arrow telling both Phil and Dave "You Are In Mortal Danger".

Episode FiveEdit

Francis only has minor roles. The first one being when he is in the auction house, and spots both Phil and Dave, and blinks away before they could see him. The second one being when Phil and Dave leave the auction house and he is standing right outside it, and yet again, he blinks away.

Episode SevenEdit

Yet again, a very minor role. As Phil is in the aircraft, and he flies up, we can see Francis sitting, and he notices Phil and shouts "Sweet Monkey Christ!"