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Lucia is the antagonist from the popular machinima, Dude, Where's My Mount?. She is classed as a night elf druid. Lucia has a "master" who needs both Phil and Dave for her masters diabolical plot. She is voiced by Chelsea Sprauer.

Plot Overview Edit

Lucia is a night elf druid who first appeared at the end of episode two. Her face was not seen until episode four and throughout the entire series, she has tried to lead them into her trap. In episode six, she explained her master needed Phil and Dave for something unknown. In episode 8, Phil jumped off the edge after a squirrel, and managed to lure Dave off the edge by getting undressed and giving him a choice between "boobs" and "epics", which Dave chose the epics, making her plan work perfectly. Phil and Dave soon found a cave, which is leading them to Lucia's master's lair.

Appearences Edit

Episode TwoEdit

At the end of the episode, in Stormwind City, she spots Phil and Dave and realised they would work perfectly for her plan, with an added evil laugh.

Episode FourEdit

At the end of the episode, she made the comment that she needs to try and keep both Phil and Dave alive, because she would not want to lose the two most crucial peices of her diabolical plot.

Episode SixEdit

Near the end of the episode, she appears before Phil and Dave, introducing herself as Lucia. She tells them that she has been following them both for quite a while, keeping them alive for her employer. She then tells them about the guards that King Magni Bronzebeard has sent after them, telling them to get to the Ironforge Airport to escape and she also returns Phil's soul.

Episode EightEdit

  • In the previous episode, she was mentioned, but not seen.

She appears laughing from behind the tree's, telling Phil and Dave they are terrible at staying alive. Dave asks what she is doing, which she responds to trying to lead them to her employer, but soon is interupted by Phil and a Squirrel. She wonders herself if this is a coincidence, since her employer is an apparent "squirrel". To distract Dave, she undresses, but Phil calls out for Dave, apparently saying that there were epics where Phil was. Dave chose the Epics, meaning he jumped off the edge, which there weren't any epics at all. This is what Lucia wanted, as she wanted to lure them off the edge for her plan.

Episode TenEdit

This is the final episode of the first season, which is when Lucia finally takes Phil and Dave to her employer.