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Dave is one of the main protagonists from the popular Machinima Dude, Where's My Mount?. He is classed as a Human Warrior and is more sane than Phil, but can have his moments. Sometimes he wishes he never met Phil, but he just cannot get rid of him. Dave is voiced by David Getsfrid.

Plot Overview Edit

Dave is a Human Warrior and is one of the comic duo Phil and Dave. He appears as a retard alongside Phil, but as the show progresses, Phil remains an idiot, where Dave is more sane. Dave is one of those people where you never know who to trust, such as Wydwen being a rogue. One of the things Dave loves doing is anything away from Phil as he wishes he never met him. Most times he wishes he was dead, but has to live with him until that day. Dave can be racist to Phil, but the majority of the time, Phil hardly notices it.

Relationships Edit

  • Phil - Phil is Daves "best friend". Despite the abuse to Phil, Dave still believes they are friends, when in episode four he asked "Why are we friends?" indicating he has no choice.