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Combat 32 Drysnap
Sartheris Strand
Race(s)IconSmall Makrura Makrura
Base of operationsnear the coastline of Desolace (Sar'theris Strand)
Theater of operationsDesolace

The Drysnap is a tribe of makrura found near the coastline of Desolace.[1] They pulled the first mate of Ulysses Rackmore, captain of the Gallant, into the deeps of the ocean. [2] The Slitherblade naga seem to be at war with them. [3] They have a tendency to get trapped in the Shellfish Trap.



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  2. ^'s_Log " first mate's was lost a day later when a drysnap makrura assailed us and pulled him into the deep."
  3. ^'s_Log "I am sure the naga and makrura have the keys. I am glad the two are enemies and will not share them."

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