Whatcha looking at, ye bilge rat? Har, har.... just kiddin' with ye, mate!
...that scurvy dog had two peg legs, a hook for a left hand, two glass eyes and a wooden nose!
...So he says "Of course I'm not seeing double! I've only got one eye!""
"Yaaaaaaaaaarrr.... it's driving me insane!" Wait... that's not quite how it goes...
I 'eard Terry fenced one of 'em pictures for a thousand gold. Maybe I can get in some of that artwork dealin' too!
Nothing' finer than enjoying a fine beverage and the company of some fine buckos... hic!
Grab a seat and 'ave a drink, mate! Grab me one while yer at it!
Kiss the gunner's daughter? Why I haven't ever met the lass...

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