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Druids of the Flame are night elven druids who have decided to turn from the traditional paths of druidic magic to follow Fandral Staghelm. Unlike their normal druid counterparts, they focus on flame-based magic, foregoing the healing magics that are the hallmark of druidism, bending nature to their will rather than working with it. As Fandral serves Ragnaros, so too do these druids.

The Druids of the Flame can be found at Wildflame Point[68, 38] in the Molten Front, either in their humanoid forms or in their winged Fire Hawk form. While in their humanoid form, they can transform into a flame cat or flame scorpion. While on the daily quest Traitors Return, they can also be located in the Ashen Fields[48, 67].

Two of the most notable Druids of the Flame are Fandral Staghelm and the wife of his deceased son, Leyara.

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