A Druid of the Fang is a class of druids. They are members of the organization known as the Druids of the Fang. Druids of the fang accept the snake as their totem. Due to recent events, many believe the druids of the fang are an evil organization. This belief is unfounded; the druids of the fang are loyal to Darnassus and to the Alliance. However, recently, the order's head, Naralex, became trapped in a nightmare in the Wailing Caverns while attempting to restore the natural balance of the Barrens; he now spreads corruption through the complex. Many Druids of the Fang also became infected, and many of the order are now indeed corrupted and evil. The uncorrupted Druids of the Fang seek to cure their brethren and restore their leader.

Druids of the fang have a natural affinity for snakes of all kinds, and are able to transform into various serpent shapes instead of the other animal forms other druids use, such as Dire Cobras and vipers. They utilize most of the abilities and powers of other druids, but have a few special perks: druids of the fang have access to very powerful sleep magic, able to draw entire groups into slumber, as well as utilize lightning and electricity-based spells.

Often, Druids of the Serpent totem can be found with animal companions that are snakes of some kind, from tiny grass snakes to large pythons.[1]

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