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"These are the remains of a pair of statues of precious metal. They do not seem carved or molded so much as grown, as if free from an artisan's touch. Both figures are night elves. The priest is apparently male and the druid female, which must carry some significance."


It was a tremendous societal change when night elf men were allowed to become priests and the women druids. For thousands of years previously, the two roles had been exclusive to the other gender. This pair of statues commemorates those momentous and tumultuous events.

Source Edit

Obtained from Archaeology. Discovered from uncovering Night Elf Artifacts, this flavor item creates a wide green beam (similar to the effect of Efflorescence) that shines down onto the caster for 10 seconds, and will move with the caster. Does not grant the user any buffs; simply a vanity item.

Notes Edit

Requires 100 Night Elf Archaeology Fragments and allows 3 sockets to be filled with Highborne Scrolls, decreasing the total fragments needed by 36.



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