Drostan is a level 76 dwarf quest giver located at Nesingwary Base Camp in Sholazar Basin.[27.1, 59.9]

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  • "Number 9! I could do this with my eyes closed!"
  • "That's number 10! How many've you got?"
  • "I'm up to 15. Top that!"
  • "26th! Are you going to start killing, or what?"
  • "Well, now that I've got a nice lead, I think I'll enjoy a little nap."
  • "Well, that was a relaxing nap. How's the game hunting going over there?"
  • "I've got a nice lead, yet. Think I'll do some fishin'. "
  • "Number 48. Startin' to slow down a bit, now."
  • "Hey, I was just lining a shot up on that one. Kill stealer!"
  • "Thats my 16th and I'm still going easy on ya"

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