Drikka is an orc reagent vendor located at Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra. [41.9, 53.1]
She is on the middle level behind a set of stairs in the Warsong Hold.


Name Lvl Cost
Inv jewelry talisman 06 [Ankh]3020Silver
Inv misc dust 01 [Arcane Powder]5610Silver
Inv misc dust 02 [Corpse Dust]5550Silver
Inv misc orb 05 [Demonic Figurine]601Gold
Inv misc candle 01 [Devout Candle]7020Silver
Inv misc food 02 [Flintweed Seed]7050Silver
Inv misc candle 03 [Holy Candle]487Silver
Inv misc food 02 [Hornbeam Seed]5014Silver
Inv stone 05 [Infernal Stone]5550Silver
Inv misc food 02 [Ironwood Seed]6020Silver
Inv misc rune 08 [Rune of Portals]4020Silver
Inv misc candle 02 [Sacred Candle]6010Silver
Inv misc food 02 [Starleaf Seed]7970Silver
Inv stone weightstone 05 [Symbol of Divinity]3020Silver
Inv misc symbolofkings 01 [Symbol of Kings]6030Silver
Inv misc branch 01 [Wild Berries]507Silver
Inv misc root 01 [Wild Quillvine]7015Silver
Inv misc spineleaf 01 [Wild Spineleaf]8050Silver
Inv misc root 01 [Wild Thornroot]6010Silver

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