Dread Captain DeMeza is a level 70 elite human female pirate that appears on the roof of the Booty Bay bank the 19th of September along with her crew, as a part of the Pirates' Day celebration.

She can give you a buff that turns you into a pirate of your race for 12 hours.

Quotes Edit

Ye've got some stones comin' up here, <lad/lass>. It's Pirate's Day, ye know... and 'til the sun rises on the morrow, Booty Bay is MINE.
So! What do ye say? Raise a drink ta me and me crew, and join the celebration?

Gossipgossipicon Here's to you, Dread Captain! Make me a pirate for the day.

Trivia Edit

Her last name DeMeza was the one of Kristen Dipswitch before Patch 2.4.3. Also this may be a reference to the character "Dread Pirate Roberts" portrayed in the movie "The Princess Bride" who teaches a new-comer to be a pirate.

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