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HordeNPC 32Draka
Gender Female
Race Orc
Character class Warrior
Affiliation Frostwolf clan
Position Mate of Durotan
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Durotan (mate/husband)[1], Thrall (son), Kelkar (father), Zuura (mother)[2], Rhakish (paternal grandfather)

The courageous warrior mate of Durotan, Draka was a firm believer in the Frostwolf clan's convictions of the old ways of honor and shamanism. She was the daughter of Kelkar by his mate Zuura, and the granddaughter of Rhakish.


Draka met Durotan as he and Orgrim Doomhammer stared in amusing awe at the once-lethargic Draka. Durotan was slack-jawed when she refused his courtship hunt invitation, but accepted one that meant nothing more than a simple hunt. At the time, Draka was too young, the reason of declining Durotan's first offer. Whilst trailing a Clefthoof, they were attacked by a black wolf. After killing it, Draka revealed that she was of age to "date" on that day, and romantically kissed Durotan.

Durotan and Draka murdered

Durotan and Draka's murder

Draka mothered Thrall, child of Durotan, shortly before joining her chieftain on his excursion to the southern lands to meet with their old comrade Orgrim Doomhammer.[3]

After explaining to Doomhammer the deception of Gul'dan, Durotan and Draka were sent away to safety with one of Doomhammer’s guards, but the guard betrayed them to the assassins of the Stormreaver clan. Draka was killed in the encounter.[4]

Dead discrepance

See: Durotan.


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