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Dragonstrike Leggings are mail leggings created by leatherworking which provide bonuses to both stamina and intellect as well as increased critical strike rating, increased attack power and mana regeneration rate, they are ideal for both enhancement shaman and hunters.


Dragonstrike Leggings are crafted by leatherworkers with a skill level of 260 who also have the Dragonscale specialty. The components are:

The pattern is taught by the Dragonscale Leatherworking trainer.


This item is bind on pickup and only usable by Leatherworkers who have the Dragonscale specialty. If you choose to unlearn Leatherworking to take up another profession or re-specialize to a different Leatherworking specialization after making this item, you will no longer be able to equip it. Be aware that since this item is bind on pickup you will not be able to sell it on the Auction House.

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