Inv misc tabard dragonmawclan Horde 15 Dragonmaw Tour of Duty 10 Money achievement
Explore all the nooks and crannies of Thundermar Ruins in Twilight Highlands and impress your Dragonmaw allies by killing the following.

Combat 15 High Shaman MacKilligan
Combat 15 Gunwald Greybeard
Combat 15 Black Recluse

Combat 15 Dillan MacHurley
Combat 15 Cliff Thundermar
Combat 15 Korthalon

For the Alliance 15 Alliance version, see Wildhammer Tour of Duty.

Dragonmaw Tour of Duty requires Horde players to kill 4 Alliance, 1 mob, and 1 Twilight Hammer NPCs in the Thundermar Ruins.

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