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* {{NPC|Alliance|Victoria Dolen|smallicon=IconSmall Human Female.gif}}
* {{NPC|Alliance|Victoria Dolen|smallicon=IconSmall Human Female.gif}}
==Flight Paths==
:{{Neutral Icon Small}} [[Fuselight]], [[Badlands]]
:{{Alliance Icon Small}} [[Dustwind Dig]], [[Badlands]]
:{{Alliance Icon Small}} [[Morgan's Vigil]], [[Burning Steppes]]

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Dragon's Mouth (Cataclysm)

Dragon's Mouth

Dragon's Mouth is a new Alliance camp in the Badlands established after the Cataclysm. It is situated northeast of Camp Cagg and southeast of New Kargath. It appears to have a flight path, but the mailbox is currently non-functioning.


Flight Paths

Neutral 15 Fuselight, Badlands
Alliance 15 Dustwind Dig, Badlands
Alliance 15 Morgan's Vigil, Burning Steppes

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