Warlords-Logo-Small This article concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

One of the ways players can get started with professions in Draenor and access to the Draenor Master level of proficiency is via introductory profession quests for crafting professions. As an additional benefit the player will get a profession appropriate garrison blueprint for a level 1 garrison building.

Alchemy Edit

IconSmall Alchemy [Alchemy] intro profession quests:

Reward: [A Treatise on the Alchemy of Draenor] and [Garrison Blueprint: Alchemy Lab, Level 1]

Blacksmithing Edit

IconSmall Blacksmithing [Blacksmithing] intro profession quests:

Reward: [Draenor Blacksmithing] and [Garrison Blueprint: The Forge, Level 1]

Enchanting Edit

IconSmall Enchanting [Enchanting] intro profession quests:

Reward: [Draenor Enchanting] and [Garrison Blueprint: Enchanter's Study, Level 1]

Engineering Edit

IconSmall Engineering [Engineering] intro profession quests:

Reward: [Draenor Engineering] and [Garrison Blueprint: Engineering Works, Level 1]

Inscription Edit

IconSmall Inscription [Inscription] intro profession quests:

Reward: [Draenor Inscription] and [Garrison Blueprint: Scribe's Quarters, Level 1]

Jewelcrafting Edit

IconSmall Jewelcrafting [Jewelcrafting] intro profession quests:

Reward: [Draenor Jewelcrafting] and [Garrison Blueprint: Gem Boutique, Level 1]

Leatherworking Edit

IconSmall Leatherworking [Leatherworking] intro profession quests:

Reward: [Draenor Leatherworking] and [Garrison Blueprint: The Tannery, Level 1] (also [Heavy Frostwolf Shroud] if Horde 15 [90] Cut 'Em Out!)

Tailoring Edit

IconSmall Tailoring [Tailoring] intro profession quests:

Reward: [Draenor Tailoring] and [Garrison Blueprint: Tailoring Emporium, Level 1]

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