Elder Sage Akama
from Warcraft III Frozen Throne Expansion Human Campaign

The Draenei Elder Sage is a Broken draenei hero unit. The only known Elder Sage is Akama. He was accompanied by Draenei Saboteurs and Draenei Elite Assassins.[1]

Statistics from Warcraft IIIEdit

  • 775 HP
  • 525 MP
  • 37-51 hero melee damage
  • 7 hero armor
  • Attributes
    • 27 Strength
    • 27 Agility
    • 35 Intelligence Primary Attribute
  • Abilities
    • Permanent Invisibility (only becomes visible while attacking)
    • Chain Lightning (multiple target damage)
    • Feral Spirit (summons wolves)
    • Shadow Strike (one target major DoT)
    • Reincarnation (revives hero automatically upon death)

Reference listEdit

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