((Double Brackets)) are a function used by roleplayers to give OOC messages to other players, for example

Roleplayer #1: Ishnu-Dal-Dieb Roleplayer #2

Roleplayer #2: ((How does your char know my name, we've never met before))

Roleplayer #1: ((Ah, forget that last part ^^))


Roleplayer #3: Well gentlemen, it's been fun but I'm afraid I must take my leave, I have urgent matters to attend to.

Roleplayer #3: ((gtg, got homework to finish))

Though it is an untidy method to give OOC messages it appears to be universally recognised by Roleplayers on every server and is relatively effective. However, players still should try to avoid cluttering the IC channels with such OOC messages and use OOC channels (such as whispers) instead whenever possible.

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