Dongle provides a very powerful database system that easily enables the use of multiple and custom profiles. Each dongle object can have multiple databases associated with it, specified by a global variable name. Databases are registered with the core dongle object, which returns a database object.

This API was introduced with Dongle-1.0

DongleObject Database APIEdit

DongleObject:InitializeDB(name[, defaults, defaultProfile])Edit

Initializes a database object and returns it. This function can be called anytime AFTER :Initialize(). If you call this function prior to that point, it will succeed but your results will be unpredictable, since the saved variables are not loaded until :Initialize().

Value Type Details
Arguments name string The name of the global variable associated with this database.
defaults table (Optional) A table of defaults to be used for the given database. Should be given as a Dongle Default Table
defaultProfile string (Optional) The default profile to use if the user hasn't selected one.
Returns db table The DongleDB Object encapsulating the new database.

Dongle Database ObjectEdit

Each call to InitializeDB returns a new Dongle Database Object. These functions are all injected into the table, which can be used to store data in the various profiles. The profiles made available to each database object are:

  • db.profile - Most data storage should happen here. The user is able to change their profile, so any "portable" data should wind up here.
  • db.char - A character specific section ("CharName - RealmName")
  • db.realm - A realm specific section ("RealmName").
  • db.class - A class specific section ("LocalisedClassName").
  • db.faction - A faction specific section ("Horde").
  • db.factionrealm - A faction/realm specific section ("Horde - RealmName")
  • - A global profile, available to all users

Only the profile section is changeable by the user and most data should be stored there. If you have a specific reason for the other sections, they have been provided. Any empty sections are removed when logging off, to prevent unnecessary data storage.

Dongle Default TableEdit

The defaults table has a specific format, which needs to match the sections in the actual database. The following is the general format which should be used:

local defaults = {
  profile = {
    fruits = {
      apple = true
  char = {},
  realm = {},
  class = {},
  faction = {},
  factionrealm = {},
  global = {},

You don't need to supply each and every section, only the ones you wish to establish defaults for. There is no harm is having sections missing, or having blank sections as above.

Dongle Database Object APIEdit


Registers a set of defaults with the database. This can be done after the database has been initialized. It will add the defaults given to the current defaults table (if it exists).



Will add the defaults specified to the current database defaults table


Changes the db object's active profile, creating it if it doesn't already exist


  • name (string) - The name of the new profile

Fires MessageEdit


Returns a table containing a list of profiles currently available to the user.


tbl (table) - A table to use instead of creating a new table.


tbl (table) - A list of the current profiles available, indexed by consecutive integers starting at 1. This table may contain other elements if it was specified as an argument to the function.


Returns the current profile key being used.


profileKey (string) - Current profile key thats being used for the database configuration


Deletes the non-active profile specified. Does not allow the user to delete the current profile.


name (string) - The name of the profile to delete

Fires MessageEdit


Copies the given profile into your current profile. Does not allow the user to have the same source and destination profiles. Cannot copy from a profile that doesn't exist.


name (string) - The name of the profile to copy from

Fires MessageEdit


Resets the current profile by replacing it with an empty profile, and copying the defaults into the profile.

Fires MessageEdit


Completely clears the current database and reinitializes it using the defaults already registered. Optionally will set the profile to defaultProfile instead of the system default ("CharName of RealmName").


  • defaultProfile (string) - The default profile to use if the user hasn't selected one.

Fires MessageEdit

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