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self:NewModule([obj, ]name) Edit

Creates a new module. This module's Initialize or Enable will be called after it's parent's Initialize or Enable is called.

Args Edit

obj [Table]
The table to populate with our functions. If not provided, a new blank table will be created and returned.
name [String]
The name of our module. This must be unique in the Dongle registry, so you should probably append the parent dongle's name. For example: "SampleAddon-SampleModule"

Returns Edit

obj [Table]
Table populated with or functions.
name [String]
Name of the module

self:HasModule(name) Edit

Query to see if we have a module

Args Edit

name [String]
Name of the module we wish to lookup

Returns Edit

obj [Table or nil]
The module's object, if found

self:IterateModules() Edit

Iterates over the addon's module names (not objects).

Example Edit

for name in self:IterateModules() do
  local o = self:HasModule(name)

self:RegisterEvent(event[, func]) Edit

Registers an event handler.

Args Edit

event [String]
The event you are registering for
func [String, function or nil]
The function to be called.
  • If string, self[func](self, event, ...) is called
  • If function, func(event, ...) is called
  • If nil, self[event](self, event, ...) is called

self:UnregisterEvent(event) Edit

Unregisters an event handler.

Args Edit

event [String]
The event you are unregistering from

self:UnregisterAllEvents() Edit

Unregisers all event handlers for your dongle.

self:TriggerEvent(event, ...) Edit

Triggers a custom event. Only other dongles can catch this event.

Args Edit

event [String]
The name of the event you are firing
args to be passed to event handlers

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