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Not much is known about this armor crafter other than that he is an ornery person. All that is known is that he is the mastermind behind the Bonescythe Armor and used to sing tenor in a barbershop quartet (Named the Four Dons with Rohan the Assassin and perhaps Don Rodrigo and Don Rigoberto.) There is an Alterac Valley reputation award item called Don Julio's Band also worth noting.

It seems that everything revolving around Don Julio has to do with the Rogue class (With the exception of Don Julio's Heart added in patch 2.2).

Conversation with Rohan the Assassin on Bonescythe Armor and Don Julio

Gossipgossipicon What brings you to Light's Hope?

Good question, <race>. In my younger days I was footloose and fancy free without a care in the world. In those days I would sing in a barber shop quartet out of Stormwind known as the Four Dons. That's where I learned how to craft the Bonescythe Digs.

Gossipgossipicon What? Bonescythe?

Yes, Bonescythe. You see, it was our tenor, an ornery fellow known as Don Julio, who got me started on the whole thing. In his travels throughout Lordaeron, Don Julio picked up many interesting skills, one of them being the ability to take the bones of fallen Scourge and fashion them into a lethal set of leather armor - perfectly suited for an assassin.

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