Achievement boss forgemaster Neutral 15 Doesn't Go to Eleven 10 Money achievement
Defeat Combat 15 Forgemaster Garfrost in The Pit of Saron on Heroic Difficulty before any player gets 11 stacks of Permafrost.

Doesn't go to Eleven is a Lich King Heroic achievement implemented in Patch 3.3.0.


Combat 15 Forgemaster Garfrost is the first boss in the Pit of Saron.

Strategy Edit

Simplistically, all members of the party must get out of line of sight of Garfrost before gaining 11 stacks of permafrost. Having frost resistance helps. Standard strategies for avoiding needless damage in the Garfrost fight assume that characters will take opportunities to break line of sight in order to remove all stacks of permafrost.

While DPS and healers can do this nearly at will, the only opportunities for the tank to do so when Garfrost reaches the 66% and 33% Health levels and leaps to one or the other of the forges. Thus the key to this achievement is to reach these break points before permafrost reaches 11 on the tank. To help ensure removal of the debuff, the tank should maneuver Garfrost close enough to one of the boulders (or the stairs) to allow a quick reaction once Garfrost leaps to a forge.

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