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An apothecary is a forsaken witch doctor. They are some of the most skilled alchemists on Azeroth, and while they don’t entreat voodoo spirits for help and don’t call their craft “mojo,” they still possess tricks to make their brews especially potent.

They are an extremely useful support soldier, carrying a variety of potions and alchemical brews with which to reinforce the lines and keep everyone in top shape.


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The witch doctor is an alchemical master, skilled at not only simply brewing potions and alchemical goods, but at awakening the spirits of the ingredients that go into his goods.

The witch doctor's arcane magical art is formed from the ability to twist and turn nature through a crude yet effective science called juju. Often the more cunning and savvy members of the savage troll tribes, witch doctors are uncommon among other, more civilized races that instead rely on shamanistic aid in times of need.

Creating curses and hexes is a specialty of the witch doctor. The witch doctor can make a deadly doll of wax or tallow containing a specific person's hair, skin or blood. He can affect the target with a harmful touch attack spell as long as the person is on the same plane. The doll disintegrates after a touch attack.

Much like a wizard, the witch doctor relies on his ability to bend magic to his will. Juju secrets can only go so far, though.

They also served as spellcasters for the Horde during the Third War, being able to create several types of wards for such activities as healing, trapping, and watching over land.


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Forsaken alchemists who utilizes their on own strain of chemicals from tanks strapped to their backs. While some work with Sylvanas to create an even deadlier plague, several are in the employ of the Lich King or the Shadow Council.

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