Tek'zik Riddlevox

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Neutral 32Director Tek'zik Riddlevox
Goblinmale nopic
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Affiliation Trade Princes (presumed), Tinkers' Union
Position Director and leader of Tinkers' Union
Location Undermine
Status Alive

Tek'zik Riddlevox is the director of the Undermine's Tinkers' Union; he runs the union.[1]

He asked Sputtervalve to take care of the problem involving Razdunk consorting with Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle, and apparently was asked to do so by the trade princes — which Riddlevox didn't say directly, but Sputtervalve had a hunch that he had done so.[2] He also is known to have ordered a dozen of his favorite "Excelsior-line boots" from Drizzlik in Booty Bay.[3]

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