Wildheart Raiment is the first Dungeon set for Druids.


ItemBindDropped byFound in
[Wildheart Cowl]BoPDarkmaster GandlingScholomance
[Wildheart Spaulders]BoPGizrul the SlavenerLower Blackrock Spire
[Wildheart Vest]BoPGeneral DrakkisathUpper Blackrock Spire
[Wildheart Bracers]BoETrash mobsStratholme, Scholomance
[Wildheart Gloves]BoEThe UnforgivenStratholme
[Wildheart Kilt]BoPBaron RivendareStratholme
[Wildheart Belt]BoEThe Ravenian(Sch),
Quartermaster Zigris(LBRS),
Trash mobs
Scholomance, Lower Blackrock Spire
[Wildheart Boots]BoPMother SmolderwebLower Blackrock Spire


Tauren male - Wildheart Raiment - Dungeon Set 1


Wildheart Raiment
Inv chest plate06
Inv gauntlets 17
Inv belt 15
Inv boots 08
Inv shoulder 01
Inv pants 08
Inv helmet 27
Inv bracer 09


See also: Set look alikes

Through a series of quests this set is upgraded by druids to become Feralheart Raiment.

Patch changesEdit

WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.3.0 (07-Mar-2005): Now has updated art.

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