Deviate creatures exist only in the Wailing Caverns (as far as anyone knows), where natural, raw magic wells up from an unknown underground font of power. This magic infuses creatures that dwell in or near the caverns, but has no permanent effect on temporary visitors. Studies of this area attempt to identify the source of the deviate magic, but all attempts thus far have ended in failure. Creatures that live most of their lives in the Wailing Caverns gain the use of a spell-like ability for as long as they continue to dwell in or near that area. A deviate creature radiates an aura identical to its spell-like ability’s effect. A deviate black ooze with a mirror image ability bears a faint illusion aura, even if the mirror image is not active. The identify spell can determine a deviate creature’s spell-like ability, although most will not sit still long enough for this spell to be cast. Dispel magic has no effect on a deviate creature’s spell-like ability until it is used, in which case resolve the dispel effect normally.[1]

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