Deviate Stalkers are hostile level 15-16 raptors that can be found outside the instanced portion of the Wailing Caverns.

Notes Edit

Deviate Stalkers are sneaking when not engaged in combat with players. This reduces their movement speed by 50% and makes them difficult to see except at close range.

Drops Edit

BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Skill Slot Drop%
Inv misc pelt wolf ruin 03 [Deviate Hide]Availablequesticon1107%
Inv misc monsterscales 02 [Deviate Scale]172%
Inv misc monsterscales 01 [Perfect Deviate Scale]118%
Inv misc monsterclaw 03 [Sharp Claw]1516%
Inv misc gem opal 03 [Tigerseye]159%
Inv misc gem amethyst 01 [Shadowgem]208%
Inv weapon bow 12 [Heavy Shortbow]15BowRanged2%
Inv sword 04 [Raider Shortsword]16SwordOne-Hand2%
Inv gauntlets 18 [Ceremonial Leather Gloves]15LeatherHands2%
Inv boots 05 [Barbaric Cloth Boots]15ClothFeet2%
Inv staff 02 [Blazing Wand]17Wand2%
Inv misc gem emerald 02 [Moss Agate]252%
Inv gauntlets 18 [Barbaric Cloth Gloves]15ClothHands2%
Inv chest chain 07 [War Torn Tunic]16MailChest2%
Inv misc cape 16 [Mystic's Cape]15Back2%
Inv pants wolf [Barbaric Loincloth]16ClothLegs2%
Inv misc gem emerald 03 [Malachite]72%
Inv pants wolf [Aboriginal Loincloth]17ClothLegs2%
Inv belt 05 [Aboriginal Sash]15ClothWaist2%
Inv misc herb 03 [Serpentbloom]Availablequesticon11%

Availablequesticon Quest items dropped by Deviate Stalker

Also 47 random Uncommon item drops

Also 6 random Common item drops

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