Patch 4.0.1Edit

In Patch 4.0.1, Detest Lesser Invisibility was removed from the game. This page is for historical purposes.

Detect Lesser InvisibilityEdit

This spell allows a Warlock (or its target) to see invisible units so it can attack them. Only useful against the Lesser Invisibility effect in particular, created by Lesser Invisibility potions and used by the Succubus pet as well as by some mobs (such as the Unseen of Duskwood or the Lordaeron Citizens in the Undercity). The higher levels of this spell allow the target to see units under the effect of normal Invisibility.

Detect Invisibility does NOT allow you to see stealthed units, due to the difference between Invisibility and Stealthing spells.

In PvP, It is useful for seeing Invisible Mages, and other player's Succubi.


Rank Level Type Mana Cost Description Cost
1 26 Demonology 50 Allow the target to detect Lesser Invisibility. Lasts 10 minutes. 70Silver
2 38 Demonology 90 Allow the target to detect Invisibility. Lasts 10 minutes. 1Gold 40Silver
3 50 Demonology 140 Allow the target to detect Greater Invisibility. Lasts 10 minutes. 2Gold 80Silver

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